Friday, December 2, 2011

QS Waiting as of 2nd December 2011 (Page 6 Done) by Gizzimomo

Hi everyone,

First up is the update on Waiting now that Page 6 is finished.

Page 6 Done

Total Progress So Far
The pink worry is now over as it looks so much better now it's clear that it's just shadowing. she has her whole pretty face and I got to put a few green stitches in this page which was a bit weird but look fab! Page 6 was the last full page and the bottom row is all partial so they should speed through with any luck and allow me to start my new Mini design (I would have started already but I need the scroll frame that Waiting is on!). I'm still not telling you what it is and will let you all have a guess once it's started!

On a more down note I went to see my bowel consultant on Wednesday due to some issues that have occurred. I had hoped that they were due to the operation in May and that they'd settle down with time...... but they haven't and now I have to have a further surgery. Not what I wanted to hear but if this one goes well then I shouldn't need any more. So at some point early in 2012 I will be going off grid for a while to have that done and I am so not looking forward to it but the benefits will outweigh the pain and discomfort as this operation will solve three different issues so it should be worth it in the end. Fingers crossed!!

I hope to be back very soon........

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Sabine S. said...

Good luck with the next surgery! Hope it gives you some more stitchy time. And the end is in sight for Waiting! Good job!!