Friday, December 16, 2011

Faerie Melody

Christmas is just around the corner I have been busy
wrapping present and cooking for the kids for there class
party days and then again for my sons birthday.
My stitching time has suffered this week only being able to
stitch for 4 days for a few hours but at least I am
closer to a page finish.
I am pretty sure I am going to meet my goal of 2 pages
of faerie melody.
 before (27 days of stitching)      after (31 days stitching)
15 days to finish my goal of 2 pages of faerie melody.
as you can see there is only a small part of the page left
now I am super exicited that I may complete all my goals
The second page seemed to take a lot longer than the first
but I think that is only because I have not been focusing all
my time on it I have been occupied with christmas stuff for
the past few weeks....
Happy stitching Tanya

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