Thursday, December 22, 2011

Faerie melody

Only a few more days till santa comes the kids are so
excited. I am super excited that I reached my stitching
goals this year finishing 2 pages of both Faerie Melody
and Soul searches tryptich.
I'm already thinking about goals four next year.
I'm thinking that a top row finish of both those charts
maybe & there's the sal that I signed up for that I have n
ever done before (I picked bookend kitties) can't wait to
start. I have my material ready and I am waiting for my l
last 11 dmc to arrive ready for a new year start.
I would love to finish that as well as I never have finished
a haed and all the haeds I have are huge...
Then I also want to do a haed on hand dyed material I
have the charts royal wings and I purchased the rose I
ordered material from silkweaver in october I still have
not received it.

31daysfaeriemelody-1.jpg image by tanyawatt          34daysfaeriemelody.jpg image by tanyawatt

 Before  (31 days stitching)          After (34 days stitching)
This week I only stitch on faerie melody for 3 days but
I was able to finish page 2 and meet my stitching goal
I had plans to continue on for a while into page 3 but most
of where I was stitching was dmc 939 and I some how
misplaced it so I did not get back to it. I have since bought
another one but I've lost my stitching mojo. Probably has
something to do with the tooth ache I have which is driving
me crazy my dentist is away till after christmas so I just
have to wait thank god to pain tablets.
Happy stitching Tanya
P.S Merry christmas to everyone hope santa bring lots of
present and maybe a few stitching supplies lol....


Sabine S. said...

Hope your toothache is better soon so you can enjoy your stitching again!

Judith said...

I love this design,
what o you use to make the grid?

Tanya watt said...

The grid is already on the material after you finished you was it and the lines disappear
its made by dmc and is 25 count
I also have it in 18 count as well I love it