Sunday, December 25, 2011

HAED's Mini Semiyar as of 25th December 2011 (Page 2 Done) by Gizzimomo


Here's my Mini Semiyar update now that I have finished Page 2 and started Page 3. I was worried that the distinct lack of detail in Page 1 would continue throughout as it's been made clear that these Mini charts are the same as the BAP's but with a loss of detail. Saying that Page 2 has made the overall look definitely more detailed and I'm extremely happy with the way that it is turning out. 

As of 22nd December 2011 (Page 2 Progress)

Page 2 Done

Total Progress So Far
 I hope everyone else likes him like I do!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!



Sabine S. said...

Merry Christmas to you too! I think he looks wonderful! This is one of those patterns where you have to step back to see the whole picture and then the details come alive. Great work!

flo gribouille said...

cela rend vraiment très bien, quel travail bravo