Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I've been stitching on QS Stella's face since my last update. Last night, to my horror, I discover what looks to me like the same symbol being used for two different colors. No matter how hard I looked, I could not see a difference between the two symbols. Problem is I have stitched them all in one color already!

So I e-mailed HAED in the wee hours of the night and by the time I get up, there is a response from Bob. The symbol is the same, but one is smaller. I still can't see the difference so Bob offers to rechart the whole thing for me! One customer, one symbol and he reworks the whole chart!!!! How awesome is that?

As it turns out, the color I used is not the one I should have used. These stitches are securely tucked in, with other stitches all around them on 28 ct. Simply frogging isn't going to work.

I think I will snip each leg of the stitch in its center, pull it up tight with tweezers, snip close to the fabric, push the ends through to the back if necessary, place the new stitch, and maybe use a drop of Fray Check on the back. Any better ideas? The color difference is between light antique violet and light beaver gray, so it's not huge, but I can't leave it either! Suggestions welcomed!!!!


Dancing With Pussycats said...

Oh my goodness, Sabine! I've never heard of a problem like this before. How large an area are you talking about?

I'm glad Bob came through for you. Wish I could give you advice but what you have planned sounds like a good idea.

Good luck!

ana~stitch said...

Honestly- in cases like this, I just stitch over the stitches w the correct one. It's hardly noticeable and takes a lot less time!

Anonymous said...

Personally I'd leave it for now and see if I could ignore it later...hahahah

Bev said...

i did the same thing, i got mixed up with a tick and a symbol similar, just last weekend, if you look at my blog you will see my latest pic of it, where i couldn't frog either so i stitched over it, you can tell if your looking at it inches away but my hubby couldn't tell when i showed him. i took a close up photo of it so you can see what it will look like

Astrid said...

Sabine what a terror.... When I make a mistake I take the good color and stitch it over the wrong one. Many of us do so. You can not see it XX you see !!

Sjoukje said...

I stitch over the wrong ones too, you can hardly see it. But it depends on how large the area is, I suppose. Good luck!