Friday, October 1, 2010

Greetings From NZ!

Hi Everyone!

I'm a Manbroider from New Zealand. I'm excited to now be part of this group. I have been following all the stunning work from here for a few months now, all of the stitching is just beautiful.

I discover HAED  about 9 months ago, when one of the British stitching magazines previewed the "Sins" Collection, and I was instantly drawn to them.

I have started 2 atm, and have all 7 in my stash I will get there eventually

So my first one to start was "Envy"

I started in the bottom left hand corner, not so sure now as that was a good idea. Its alot of Green and black. This is the bottom row of 6 pgs, and the next row up is a full 3 pgs.

Then I started "Lust" -

First 2 1/2 pgs

I'm really happy with how this looks, the Face is the most amazing thing to look at. Although she did look very odd as it was being done.

Whoops Forgot this bit, Im Stitching on 18cnt Antigue White. Using 2 Strands.

Happy Stitching Everyone



Dancing With Pussycats said...

Welcome to the blog! Both of these are beautiful and your stitching is lovely. Next time you post an update, please tell us what material/count you're using.

Sabine S. said...

How awesome to have you! Welcome!! You've made a nice dent in these two fabulous starts already.

demeter83 said...

They both look brilliant, and you're right, her face looks amazing.
And it's nice to see a manbroider, I'm working on my other half at the moment, he'll do a couple of stitches if it's a present, but I'm still working on it!

threadbear said...

Hi from one newbie to another! Your wips are stunning, I am slightly biased as I am stitching Vanity lol Aren't they just great to work on! :-)

Gizzimomo said...

Great work, they are both stunning, looking forward to seeing more and keep up the good work

Astrid said...

Love youre work they are great !!!!

Canela said...

Wonderfull work!

Terri said...

Looks fantastic :) I want them so bad