Friday, October 1, 2010

Finally Here!

Hello all!! I am so thrilled that the membership was opened and that I was able to join this SAL. I used to have a blog but found that I did not want to spend the time learning how to take care of it, so this is perfect for me!!

I currently have several HAEDs on the go - doesn't everyone?

Spangler - Train of Dreams
Marks - If I Only Could
Marchetti - Tree of Life
and three others (one full size, one storykeep and one quick stitch) that I cannot remember the names of at the moment.

A bit about me - I live in Boca Raton, FL and work as a paralegal in Plantation, FL. I am married to David for 23 years (this Sunday) and we have two furbabies - Yoda (domestic shorthair) and Tiffany (long-haired chihuahua). I tend to stitch slowly and stay with one project until one of the others starts screaming. My next project is going to be learning how to take, brand and post pictures of my WIPs.

I am incredibly excited to be here as I have been visiting and drooling over everyone's beauties for what seems like forever.

Thanks for letting me join in!!



Sabine S. said...

Welcome! Glad you stayed around long enough to finally make it into membership! I stitch a lot like you- very slowly and I stay on one piece until I get bored with it. Much as I would like it, scheduled rotations don't work for me. Hope you post some pics soon.

threadbear said...

Hi from another newbie! I was a paralegal before I had my children and boy was it stressful lol! I am glad I had my stitching to keep me sane! Look forward to seeing some photos of your work :-)

Astrid said...

Welcome, love to see some pictures of youre wips !!

Dancing With Pussycats said...

Glad you're here, Yvette. Wow! Six HAED wips at once. That's ambitious, though I'm sure there must be other members with more.

Looking forward to seeing pics of your work.

Marie said...

Welcome Yvette !

I'm looking forward to see pictures of your WIP's !!