Thursday, October 21, 2010


I restarted "Little Secret" . I was stitching 1x1 and had started in the corner, but it just felt like it was going so slow. So I restarted (on a new piece of fabric, which was a bummer) and am tent stitching again. I also decided to start in the middle. I did that on my last HAED, and I liked it better. You get to the good stuff first, but can branch out to different pages and stitch background too.

So obviously, not much is done, but at least it is a start (or restart as it may be!)

Have a happy weekend!


Ingrid said...

I did the same with my Fall Fairy, I sewed them on linen and it was not so beautiful! I'm looking forward to seeing your next up date!

Astrid said...

well a start is a start!! beautiful colors !!

threadbear said...

Beautiful start and a great pattern too! Look forward to seeing more :-)