Friday, August 26, 2011

QS Reflections 2 started and updates on QS Believe and SK Treasures

It's been a long time since I last updated my HAED here, but I can guarantee that I've been busy stitching and here is the proof :)

As you can see I started a new HAED, and if you follow my blog, this new start is my Mistery Project, that I can't share there because it's for my mum and I know she likes to visit my blog. The reason why I'm making it on secret is because my Mum, LOVES angels, and when she came over I showed her QS Reflection 2, she really liked it but didn't ask me to stitch it for her because she thought it would take me a long time to stitch and she wanted me to finish my Christmas projects for my grandmas. So I was initially planning on stitching it next year, but meanwhile I was forced to change my holidays and now I'll be in Portugal visiting my family on the same time that it's my mums birthday and I thought it would be the 2nd best gift to her (being me the 1st eheh)So the deadline for it is mid-October to have time to frame it before leaving on November. It's being stitched on Whimsey Lugana 32ct (it's the first time I use such small count and I'm loving it) 1 x 1. Now enough with the talk and moving to the photos:
After 9 days stitching (6254 stitches of 27750)

And here are my updates on QS Believe:
only three more columns to finish the top pages and reach half of it

and of SK Treasures:
I've started the 2nd page

Sorry for the extra long post,

Happy Stitches :)


Faerie said...

Great progress!

Gizzimomo said...

Great work, good to finally know what the mysterious mystery project is!