Tuesday, August 23, 2011

HAED's BB SAL 2011 - QS Terra (Progress So Far) as of 23.08.2011 by Gizzimomo

Hi Everyone,

I know I haven't posted for a little while but I restarted QS Terra at the beginning of the month and I wanted to share with you how I've got on with her so far as I've just finished Page Four!

Progress So Far

I was originally stitching her on 28ct, 2 over 1 in tent stitch and hated every stitch so despite the fact that I had already stitched the first two pages I decided to start her again using full stitches. So on August 1st I started all over again on 22 ct Ivory Hardanger, 1 over 1 in full stitches..... and I'm SO much happier stitching her now as you can probably see from the progress so far!


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Mangogirl said...

it definately shows that you like this way more. It's a gorgeous design.