Sunday, June 12, 2011

TT A Pale Comparison as of 11th June 2011 - ANOTHER FINISH by Gizzimomo

Here I am with another finish guys!!

TT A Pale Comparison is done!

Final page done as of 11.06.2011
Totally finished as of 11.06.2011

Now I'm heading back to QS Emerald Dragon which I'll stitch until he's finished, hopefully with the aim of getting him done by the end of August to get him into the reward program. Then the plan is to do some work on Faerie Melody and the two BB SAL's before starting a new start which will be the previously mentioned QS Waiting by Ching Chou Kuik.

See you all soon!


demeter83 said...

I'm always amazed by how fast you stitch, it looks incredible. Congrats

Faerie said...

Congratulations she is gorgeous!

threadbear said...

Fantastic finish as always thea! :-)

The Maiden said...

Erie and stunning!