Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dragon Stocking Update - Kelly S

Unfortunately, I do have more done on my stocking, but had to put it back because the bulb blew in my daylight lamp and I've been unable to find another one that will work, which makes me think it's the lamp and not the bulb. I'll have to find another lamp before I can do anything else on the stocking. I've tried stitching without it and just can't see it well enough to make sure I hit the right holes. But, hopefully I will be able to find another lamp this weekend. The one I have is a floor lamp and I believe I would rather have a table lamp this time. It would be so much easier to move around.

And on top of that, my daughter has my camera with her on an FFA Camp trip and she'll have it with her next week when she goes to visit ABAC in Tifton, GA. So as soon as her "college" trips are over, I'll get another progress pic posted.

Kelly Searles


mdgtjulie said...

I'm so sorry your lamp is out. I know it can be hard to find replacement bulbs for them, but if you can find one that takes the newer bulbs, that'd be great. My friend Julie and I were looking at either Michael's or Joann's and we found bulbs for Ott lights that screw in. I'm betting you could use a regular CFL light for it, and it would save you a fortune in bulbs.

threadbear said...

Hi Kelly *waves to her former posting buddy* :-D

Hope you get some stitching in soon!