Saturday, April 2, 2011

Wolf Countess by my buddy Niki

Hi, this is Niki from New Hampshire.  This is my first HAED. Wolf
Countess by Jasmine Becket-Griffith done on Silkweaver's Sparkling
Sand 28ct Opalescent Lugana over 1. This is 13 hrs progress after
restart on March 23, 2011.  I am very excited to join you thanks to my
buddy Sara. :)  I'm not a very fast stitcher being a single mom of
five and this is quite a big challenge, but I have been wanting to do
an HAED for some time and I definitely need encouraging to finish a
project so I don't add to my pile of WIPs.

Thanks everyone.


anojaa said...

Your start is wonderful! Keep up the good work

Xeihua said...

Great choice for your first project. I will love to follow your progress on it :)

CathE said...

What a great start and a lovely design.

Magali said...

That's a lovely design you chose ! You made a very nice start ! Can't wait to see more of it !!

demeter83 said...

This is a gorgeous design, and you've made some impressive progress in a week. I don't think I could manage thiat much in that time.

threadbear said...

I love this JBG design and I'm totally in awe of you finding time to do any stitching at all with 5 children! I struggle with just my 3 :-D