Sunday, April 17, 2011

TT A Pale Comparison as of 17th April 2011 by Gizzimomo

Hi Everyone,

Here's my progress on TT A Pale Comparison after a tricky page where I had to frog her forehead as the colour was totally wrong! I got there in the end though and  here she is with just one page to go until she's finished!!

Close Up as of 17th April 2011

Progress so far as of 17th April 2011

 I'm going back to Fairy Melody until I go into hospital on May 3rd and am hoping to get a couple of pages done! Also trying desperately to persuade DH to let me get four charts in the HAED sale (A Portrait of Ophelia (JBG), QS See A Butterfly (Kuik), QS Waiting (Kuik) and QS Getting Wild (Kuik) but he's not having it at the moment, got until the end of the day so fingers and toes crossed LOL!!!!

See you all soon,
Thea xxxx


threadbear said...

Looking great Thea! Good luck with twisting his arm ;-D

demeter83 said...

It looks brilliant. I have to admit that I've caved and bought a couple in the sale, including my first QS and JB-G, so I'm quite excited

Gizzimomo said...

DH caved and I got my charts..... woohoooo!!!