Sunday, April 17, 2011

Faces of Faery 150 JBG - stitched by Jo

It's been a while since I posted any wips so, although I haven't quite finished a page, I thought I would show you my new start. It's the gorgeous JBG released for the Japan fundraiser. She is stitching up beautifully and as usual, the eye is amazing!

I am stitching her on my usual 28ct jobelan - this time in bone, 1 over 1 and full crosses. I started her on 26 March and have named her "Usagi" which (if Google is correct!) is Japanese for rabbit.

Since this photo was taken I have finished another column so I hope to have a page finish soon!

Happy stitching everyone :-D


Rachel said...

She's so beautiful already! JBG's eyes stitch up so well, can't wait for you to make more progress :)

demeter83 said...

This is a really gorgeous chart and her eye's looking amazing, look forward to seeing her grow.

sharine said...

Stunning and the eye is beautiful

Magally said...

I love JBG's work so much ! You're right : the eye is amazing. Can't wait to see more of her ! And usagi does mean rabbit in Japanese ;-)

laura118 said...

Wow.... She is stunning. I love JBG charts, the eyes are great.

anojaa said...

I love the name you have given her : Usagi looks wonderful!