Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Finish! SK "Butterflies Galore"

I finally have a Finish to show you all!

Now I'm known to be a little crazy in my stitching, as in I do crazy things with Time frames! So It was one of the ladies at works birthdays on the 20th, I was deciding what to do as a gift, She really likes Butterflies, and We had picked out a QS "Butterfly Keeper" However I had not made a start. So when she brought It up I said I hadn't started and she sounded a little disappointed! We cant have that now! So I brought SK "Butterflies Galore" on the 4th of April! Which left me 16 Days to Complete!

Finished Product! SK "Butterflies Galore"

Day 6
Day 11
Day 13
Day 14! Finished washed Ironed!
When I finished there was the Overwhelming sense of Achievement! I was also very tired! I had to do at least 1000 stitches a night to get it done on time, so it was 2 weeks of late nights but so so worth it!

Some stats!

12,500 Stitches
90 colours
2 weeks to stitch
18 count 2 of 1

Happy Stitching all! Sorry its a long post!


sharine said...

So so pretty!

Magally said...

The finished piece looks so nice !! You did an amazing job on such short notice ! I'm impressed !! Congrats !

Tatyana'S said...

She's so beauty :)

grannie said...

Good grief that is some fast stitching!! Loads of congrats on your super speedy finish! :-)

Lonneke said...

I am impressed! Great job!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

WOW! Did you even stop to eat or just drink fluids through a straw?!!

She looks amazing!

Vani said...

WOW!!! Just amazing. Congrats on your finish and your speedy needles! Can I borrow them?

Lita said...

Wow! I do wonder how could you stitch 1000 stitches in one night??? How much did you spend to stitch per night then? I'm so impressed! I really should learn from you..! (I lack of spare time here)

Victoria said...

She is gorgeous well done