Monday, January 24, 2011

Me and my HAEDs

Hi everyone!!

I have watched this blog for nearly a year now and now I am a member!! Yipppeeee! Thanks Louanne :)

My name is Sam and I have been stitching since I was 14 (I am no 31). I discovered HAEDs about a year ago and I now class myself as an addict.

I have bought (too many) charts and I currently have 2 WIP.

The first I started is Queen of Hearts by R. Anderson. I have completed 4 pages of this.

Queen of Hearts - Page 4 completed

More recently I have been almost exclusively working on Millennium Tree by J. Wall. I have completed 4 pages of this one also. I plan to auction this one off for charity when its completed to raise awareness of global warming and the human impact on our planet.

HAED Millennium tree - page 4

Anyway thats enough from me for now :-)

Edit: As requested, queenie is done on 28 ct 1 over 1 and millennium tree is done on 20 ct 2 over 1 :)


Terri said...

Beautiful stitching.

Kate from Poland said...

Beautiful! Can you write, on wich fabric do you stitch? And how many strands?

Ingrid said...
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Ingrid said...

Welcome to our lovely blog, you have two beautiful designs chosen, I love both! I'm also addicted to HAED patterns, and i have also a few things in my stash! Have lots of titch fun !

demeter83 said...

They look gorgeous, love both of them. Well done!

Jan said...

Queen is looking great and Millennium is phenomenal.

Sabine S. said...

All i can say is WOW,WOW, WOW!!!! You've been stitching while waiting in the wings. You must tell us how much it auctions for. It better raise enough money to save two planets!

Marie said...

Welcome to the blog !

I have already seen you on the HAED Bulletin Board, and as I wrote it there, I'm a big fan of your work on Millenium Tree !!
Very often I go to your blog, watching if you have posted a photo of your progress... It's a delight to see it growing, and the reason why you are stitching it is very kind and wise.

I will follow you in this incredible journey...

Happy stitching !

Magally said...

Both of them looks great ! Congratulations !

nuttystar said...

Wow what amazing comments from everyone!! I will be sure to update my blog more often now that I know there are people out there that read it! hahaha Thanks everyone. I already feel part of the family :)

threadbear said...

Wow, great wips. They are both looking great! :-)