Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy New Year!

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a very Happy ringing in of the New Year!
I'll be back later with an update for myself, but right now I need to ask for buddies again!

If you are a full posting member and would like to take on a Buddy send me an email with "Buddy" in the subject line.

Being a Buddy means you will be linked with a stitcher. The stitcher will get your email address and send you her pictures and text for a post. You will be responsible to post the info for your buddy. Each full member will have one buddy (unless you want more!). That's it!

I will also keep a running list of the requests in the order they are received and as spots become available buddies can become full posting members.



Unknown said...

Hi, have you still got me on the waiting list? Thanks!

Louanne said...

Hi nuttystar, do you need a buddy? I don't have that name did you go by another name? Shot me an email with your info and I will straighten it out. Thanks!

Astrid said...

Louanne. Youre email isnt working. It bounced back two times. My hub found out its because of possible spam they turned the server down. Keep in touch with them. I hope it works soon.Astrid

Ali O'Donnell said...

I'd be more than happy to have another buddy Louanne. My first isn't ready to post at the moment anyway and it doesn't take much time for me =).

Susan said...

I just send you an e-mail Louanne.

Babs said...

If you need more people, I can take a buddy aswell, so we can get more people adding stuff on here.

Emails to your adress seem to come back to me, so I add it here.

Love, babs.

my emailadress is on my profile normally