Sunday, January 16, 2011

LOVE seeing all the work being done!

Wanted to first say that everyone's pieces are coming along SO nicely!! I just got back to stitching this past week after a 2 year loss of xstitching mojo. Glad to be amongst the xstitching world again!

Now, I have a question. I see that a lot of you grid your pieces. I have The Story Keeper going (need to find it to start working on it again since I moved) and I didn't grid. But I am working 20 x 20 squares when I work on it. When you grid, do you use thread or do you use fabric marker that comes out in the wash? And, do you wash your pieces after you stitch them to get it out? I think I would be afraid to wash my piece. LOL I'm always very careful to wash my hands before I stitch and keep my pieces in a container so they don't get dirty.

Anywhoot... I'd love to hear from you all on this.

Thank you!

Nancy :0)


Amanda said...

I use a fabric pencil, then a spray bottle with just water and I blot it. I don't know what other people use, but this works for me. I'm careful to not use a dark pencil in a light area just in case. Hope this helps. :)

Gizzimomo said...

I use a water soluable vanishing marker pen so it vanishes with cold water and also vanishes of it's own accord after about 48 hours. Wouldn't stitch an HAED without it!!

Marihun said...

I use a dissolving marker, it vanishes on its own somewhere between a few hours to 2-3 days, depending on how strong you put it on the fabric, plus it has an eraser head if you want to remove it immediately.

SporadicStitcher said...

I stitch in my grid lines using regular cotton sewing thread in a colour that contrasts the background fabric and is not present in my design. I like the permanence of the threads while I am working. After I am done stitching my design, I simply nip the cotton threads and pull them out. You do have to be careful not to cross stitch through any of the cotton thread while you are working. I haven't had any issues thus far.

Mel said...

I use thread that gets pulled out as I go.

I don't wash my pieces as I'm afraid of dye runs. I know they likely won't but I just can't take the chance. So like you I just wash my hands alot and have covers for them all.

patrigp said...

Hello! the translator is not very good, so I hope to answer you well. I use a pen purchased at the haberdashery, if you do not need to wash the fabric because the solo is fading. I always hand wash the fabric when finished, the curlers wet and starch, so it is smooth, without wrinkles.

Nancy said...

Thank you all so much! I'm going to look for the vanishing marker I do believe. I think it will make it much easier to stitch.


Anonymous said...

Hi everybody, my name is Cinzia, I'm from Italy and am new to writing to you fellow stitchers, but it already feels great. I have purchased a few HAED charts but am just now starting a Kuck design, "Seaside memories". I started out with griding with floss, but have just purchased some markers and am going to try this out tonight, hope it works out, I also do not prefer to wash my finished pieces!
Bye everybody!