Monday, June 23, 2014

Progress on Daisy Offerings - 6-23-2014

100_9146 - Daisy Offerings - Designer - HAED - Sandra Kuck - Pages 1-3 Completely Finished - 6-22-2014

Daisy Offerings - HAED - Sandra Kuck..

This is my progress as of yesterday - Sunday June 22, 2014.  I have now finished Pages 1-3 out of 36 Pages.  I am so very happy about this.  I will begin with Page 4 next.  Page 5 is the last page for the top half of this...I am so excited because before I know it I will have the top half of this done.  There is so much Confetti Stitching at the very top of it where it is curvy at...the yellows, and the grays and the black...oh my about Confetti Stitching...Whew! 

Thanks for looking...

Linda Klinedinst

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