Friday, June 27, 2014

O Kitten Tree by Randal Spangler Page 2 completed 6/26/14

 This is what this piece will eventually look like (I hope!)  I can't believe I started it nearly 2 years ago and haven't stitched on it for nearly a year.  Definitely is going to be in my rotation more often (Would be easier if I didn't have so many different projects going on at once, but now that I have become a serial starter....) Stitched 1 over 1 on 25 ct lugana.

 I finally completed page two. 

 Which was so much fun.  Finally began to stitch a bit on the tree!! One kitty angel wing and about 1/3 of the first kitten under her.  It was so hard to stop stitching but another piece was hollering loudly that it needed to join the non HAED SAL so I reluctantly put this one up for now and reminded it to yell more loudly when I am deciding who gets stitched next.

Thanks for looking.


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Lunitaloca said...

Lovely start…!!!!! beautiful colors….. :)