Saturday, September 14, 2013

My introduction and new start punch of color girls 3

Oh Dear I have not posted on here for so long I don't even really feel like I deserve to, as I have been so slack adding updates.... So what have I been up to I see to travel from project to project doing about a page and then moving on, please tell me I'm not the only person who does this lol. I have started about 6 different things that I am not going to go into to much due to the embrassment facter hopefully I will pick some of them up again in the future.
Just because there are a lot of new members I will take the time to introduce my self My name is Tanya I'm a aussie girl with 4 children 12, 10, 8 and 6 and just for any body wondering there is not going to be anymore they keep me busy enough. I first found haed  3-4 years ago and these days very rarely do any other designs I love Hannah Lynn, Aimee stewart, Nene Thomas Selina Fenech,  and  many more (I just can't think of at the moment). I am also in love with the new artist Melanie delon I am really in love with the chart splash I just love mermaids lol. I can feel another new start of one of her designs in the future

I recently finish my second haed

Mystic garden stitch on cream 36 count evenweave 2 over 2 full crosses

I have started a new project in the last couple of days also on a 36 count opalescent evenweave

So here is my humble new start not much to see 

Hannah lynn Punch of color girls 3 (The mermaid one) 36 count white evenweave 2 over 2 full crosses

Happy Stitching Tanya


Lesleyanne said...

A lovely finish. Great new start. Look forward to seeing your updates.

Carole said...

Congrats on a lovely finish. You have a great start too. Love the fabric. Perfect for a mermaid.

Linda K's Stitching Corner said...

Welcome back......

Congratulations on your finish...I love patterns like this one. This is so pretty, so calming, so peaceful.

You have a Beautiful Start as well...looking forward to more progress on this one.

Happy Stitching

Anonymous said...

Congrats on a lovely finish!