Monday, January 16, 2012

One week later on Dragon Knot 2

I've worked only on Dragon Knot 2.  I am determined to get it done this year!  I am going to continue to work on it till I get bored.  Then of course, I have 2 or 3 other HAEDs I can turn to!

Here's last week's progress pic:

Here's this week's progress picture:

I unfortunately didn't get a good picture taken but you can see some of the other colors, yellows, purples, greens, and blues starting to be used.  

My plan is to continue to work on this project this week.  I'm hoping to get a page done soon!  Even if it is one of those 1/4 pages.  These stitches are over two pages, so we shall see!


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Astrid said...

I folowed youre progress, I just love this work. I am watching you (lol)