Saturday, January 28, 2012

I will stitching again soon, sick

In the first week of December at work I  very hard bumped my elbow. I've been home for 5 weeks.
At that time I had sometimes a strange aching pain in my heel. But the pain was with the painkillers for my elbow under control. Now that I no longer need them for my elbow, the heel burst out. That appears to be a bursitis. Wow what does that hurt.  Now after two days with the pain relief I can just lay back the foot.
With the elbow unfortunately I could not stitch. Now I'm sprawled on the couch to relieve the heel and it is not convenient to stitch.
I am reading, The Laws of Magic, by Terry Goodkind. Very pretty intense stories. I am now working on the fourth law. Each book there are six hundred pages. I believe there are twelve books. Well, I have a while.

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threadbear said...

Ouch! Sounds really painful :-( Hope you are feeling better soon!