Sunday, August 8, 2010

Train of dreams

Like Sjoukje I am working at the Train again. The Medusa is so boring. And the Train isnt. So much confettie, I like it again. The colors and the items on the shelf. Or is it a desk or a floor. who knows ???


Sjoukje said...

I think it's a desk, because of the cup of tea and the writing material. Of course the books on the desk are a bit odd (and the train is odd too), but what can you expect in a wizard's home?

I like your progress, it's wonderful!

Marie said...

It's beautiful ! I love to see appear new surprising details on your work. This design is really a enchantment to look coming to life !

Great job, as always !

Anne said...

Marvelous. Very well done. Thanks for sharing with us.