Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Log Lost Mod & Amdin Stuff

Hello Stitchers!
I am really not long lost. I have been keeping up with the blog and enjoying every single post from you wonderful ladies. I've been stitching as well. I have 3 HAEDs that have been captivating my attention lately, but I'll post about that at another time.

Now for some Admin stuff. I have been trying to contact Caroline. I've sent an email and haven't heard anything back. So, Caroline, if you're still out there in cyberspace please email me!

Also, Valérie ( and Judy (, I've sent you both email and haven't heard from you either. Please email me before the end of the week, or I will move on to other requests.

Hope you are enjoying the Summer and getting a lot of stithing in! Cheers!


Valérie (french) said...

I sent you an e mail on monday.I said that I have a buddy (Sabine) so you can give my place to an other person

Sabine S. said...

Waiting for those WIP pics, hope you come back soon and post them!!!

Louanne said...

Thanks Valérie. I didn't get your email, that's strange. Okay, thanks again.