Sunday, July 25, 2010

HTML? Blog Design Help?

I posted this over on the HAED BB, but haven't gotten any response as yet. I'm sure you've noticed the change to the look of our blog here.

Blogger recently forced everyone to change their design. I don't know why. I've gone and just picked out something from their cookie cutter. I don't know how to change the widths of the columns, well... I really don't know how to do anything but pick a stye from their suggestions.

Thinking about it, I'd like to have the blog look like the HAED site. In the same way that this BB resembles the main HAED site. Is that possible? Who designed the site?

Anyone that can help me, thank you in advance.

ETA: Yes it's true. My personal blog did not force me to change. I do know that there was a message in the top left corner of this blog saying that the background/template would disappear last Friday if nothing was done. I waited it out, and it did, in fact, disappear..... I got no such messge on my personal blog.


Romantic Fool said...

Not sure what is going with this blog. My other blog that I have with blogger hasn't made me make any changes. I still have the same layout as I've always had. You may want to contact their support staff and see what they can do for you.

Joanne said...

My own blog hasn't changed but I haven't done anything with it I think it's still on the default setting.

Mel said...

send me an email if you are still having trouble. I can help out with coding and fixing the site up if you like.

We will have to see if Michele will let us use her branding for HAED on this blog before we can.
Maybe try emailing her direct? I think she doesn't check the bulletin board too often.

CathE said...

My blog changed - It was because the layout came for Pyzam - and they are changing it, not blogger. Can't help with your other questions but hopefully that explains why not everybody is getting the message.

Sjoukje said...

I had the same with my blog, I've just chosen a new lay-out.

Terri said...

Honestly I love the look of it now :)