Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Astronomer

This is where I was when I last worked on The Astronomer, which was in February.This is where I am now. I finished page 2 yesterday. I really like how it is starting to look.
I have a few more days to stitch on it, then I have to rotate to the next piece.


Marie said...

Oh Jan !! This is amazing how it looks like now !
It's beautiful and really stunning !
I didn't expect to be so... I have no word !
Please, give us more before rotating to another one !!!

Happy stitching !

Joanne said...

So much detail, looking really good.

CathE said...

Wow, it's looking to fantastic.

Mel said...

Lovely! I like how the colours really pop against the dark stitching.

Ingrid said...

oooohhhh it looks great, very great progress you've made and the colors are amazing!

Astrid said...

i have the astronomer in rotation. youre start is very beautiful !!!
Great work !!

Sjoukje said...

I love this one very much,it's a potential new start (later on)!