Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm Baaaack

Yes I have been remiss in stitching on my HAEDs. I had to take a break and do some little things. I feel like I have accomplished something and now the BAPs call to me again. June was suppose to be the Fantasies of the Seas month in my rotation, so I pulled it out last weekend and put in about 500 stitches. Here it is.

Now that it's July, I will be pulling out The Astronomer and hopefully put some stitches in that during the three day weekend.


Sabine S. said...

I am so smitten with the blues and greens in this piece. I would love to have this hanging in my livingroom! Glad you're back, but I wish you were stitching on this one for July.Good job sticking to your rotation!

Marie said...

Hello Jan !
A few days ago, I was thinking about your Fantaisies of the Sea, and now you're here again !
Your work looks beautiful as always, and the colors are so pretty !
I'm glad to see you back, and I'm loking forward to see your Astronomer again too !

Could you just tell me what "BAPs" means ?

Jan said...

BAPs means Big A** Projects. If you can't guess what the A word is, it's the slang word for derriere.

Ingrid said...

I love those colors, so beautiful!

Sjoukje said...

Love the colours!