Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Final Few

Hey all you great stitchers,

I'm so glad to say that our temperatures are in the 80's and the wind has stopped blowing for the moment. It is time to get out in the yard and see if my brown thumb will make anything grow.

I've been faithfully stitching on my pandas and feel they are at a good place to stop. Since I am planning them for my mother she would like to have them on the wall where she can enjoy them.

So I feel they are at a good stopping place. Please don't throw me off the blog as I will be starting another HAED in the next few days.

I have been sorting all my floss. I bought some spools and put the floss on the spool. When I pick it out of the storage drawer it is in I can put each spool on a spool rack with the color and number and symbol. I started this system for my panda picture and it was so much neater to have keep up with the colors. If I put them on a holder they always get tangled and I spend a lot of time sorting them out. Of course I had to go buy a new mechanics tool box as the drawers are just the right size for the spools or little cups if I decide to change.

Above is my last update on the final few. I don't know which Haed I will start next, have to have eye surgery and that will sideline me for a few days. But I will be starting a new one.
Happy stitching,


Valérie(french) said...

Wouahhhh !! Congratulations !!!!
Your HAEd is so wonderful !!

CathE said...

Congratulation Anne, Those pandas are adorable. Let us know which HAED you choose next.

Joke said...

Beautiful, great job!!

Sabine S. said...

I agree, a good place to stop. They look wonderful! Perhaps a green mat in the frame to mimic the trees that would have been? I know your mom will love them! Good luck with the surgery and happy new start!

Sjoukje said...

It's really beautiful, you picked the best part of the picture! Won't you miss them?

Ingrid said...

Congratulations !!!!!! the panda's are beautiful ,I look forward to your new start !