Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Aurora's Garden

I admit, I've been a bad HAED stitcher! Since my last update, I spent a week reading and not stitching at all. Then I spent a week finishing up Salem Sisters, a Plum Street Sampler. The following week, I finished Big Girl Panties by Dolly Mamma. Both were such old WIPs they were still on Aida!!! I also stitched a little on my Monopoly board.
Then the weather was suddenly beautiful and out came Aurora's Garden! Apparently, I haven't stitched on her since last November. She is in the big Q Snap right now because I was playing around with propping it on the edge of the table and stitching two handed. Good thing I wear glasses, I nearly poked my eye out a couple of times pulling thread up with my left hand!!!!
Before and after:
Of all the HAED patterns I have, this little freebie is my favorite. But I am still looking for "that one" pattern. The one that makes the clouds part and the sun shine in and the angels sing. The one you can't put down because it's the only one you want to stitch on. I do like the ones I have, but I really want to find "the one". Know what I mean? I'm tired of jumping around, stitching a little on this and a little on that.
Happy stitching to all of you!! Keep the progress pics coming!!!!


Carolyn NC said...

Colors are so lovely - nice progress!

Marie said...

Hello Sabine !
I'm glad to read you again... I missed you !
Aurora's Garden is beautiful, with luminous colors and, thanks to you, I really like to see her growing !

But... You can not imagine how much I understand you when you talk about "The one" !
I already have a very special relation with my Winter Angel, but there is still a place in my heart with another one which will be "The one" too...
That's why, every day, I'm watching the new charts on HAED website, hoping that "The (new) one" will come to me. I know that it will probably be a Kinuko Craft !

Nevertheless, last week, one chart made my heart beat. So, I started to stitch it, and I must say, that the more I stitch on it, the more I want to see it grow... You will see it in a post when I have stitched enough to show something !

I hope that very soon, you will have the love at first sight with "Your One" that you are waiting for...

Happy stitching my friend !

Ingrid said...

I know what you mean, snow white is still my favorite! Do not worry we stitching one week more than the other week! It is so anywhere!
Aurora's Garden is really really beautiful and i love the colors !

Astrid said...

He sabine. I know what you mean with "the One" I have that feeling all the time. I love the colors of Aurora. very sunny feeling I get. So I must finish my dark sifter because waiting till the dark days again is not a option.

Joke said...

Sabine, this looks so sweet :) And one day you will meet 'the one', just be patient ;)