Friday, February 27, 2009

Wendy's progress on 02/26/09

Hi everyone,

My name is Wendy and the second moderator here of this freshly new blog. Cindy thanks for the great work setting this blog up! Couldn't have done it like you did. I live in Zaffelare Belgium and recently started my first HAED pattern called "Land Of Enchantment". Last week I did my first 600 stitches and this is what it looks like, mostly black and not much to see because I started on the top left corner which is a lot of black, so it will take a while before there's anything to see.

Progress 02/26/09

And this is what I'm stitching

Wishing everyone lots of stitching fun, and feel free to join our group.



Mich said...

Hi Wendy, I think you and I will make each other totally mad with our HAED-talk ;-))

Cindy F. said...

Thank you for your sweet compliments:) I couldn't have done it without you girl!
Mr. Right just saw your pics and he can't believe how beautiful yours is going to be! Great start Wendy!!

Anonymous said...

Wow this is such a gorgeous picture, so much detail. You've made a great start.

Melissa33 said...

Think of it this way, all the black makes it go much faster at first, so that when you stumble onto the random confetti stitches you aren't already burned out.

Valerie L. said...

I chose a gustafson's design for myself too. Aren't they all beautiful... God, I need time, I wanna do them all!
Good luck, can't wait to see your progress!

Caroline said...

Holy doodle! I love this design!

Suzie said...

Wendy, your pattern is beautiful, and so much fun to look at. Each time I see it, I notice new details. I hope that it will be as much fun to stitch!

I know that it will be fun for me to see your progress!

Thanks so much for sharing it, and for starting this group!

Carolyn NC said...

This is a beautiful design, Wendy. Nice progress! Love to see all the progress everyone is making. :)