Friday, February 27, 2009

Week of 2/22/09's progress

Hello and Welcome to Cindy and Wendy's HAED SAL Blog!

I'm Cindy F., one of the moderators here. I live in Texas, U.S.A.
I started my HAED 1/2/09. I've tried to stitch 2-4 blocks a week and I can finally see a picture develop:) This week I stitched close to 800 stitches.

My very first HAED and it's called "St. Nick in His Study" by Michele Sayetta and Artwork by Scott Gustafson. I'm stitching 1 over 1 on 25ct. Dublin Linen. (I am definetly no photographer!)

This is what I'm hoping to achieve:)

Can't wait to see what your stitching!

Cindy F.


Wendy said...

Great progress on your HAED Cindy! I really love the design! I can't wait to see some more.

Shari said...

wow, Cindy!!! You have been busy!!! Keep up the great work girl!!

Caroline said...

Such a gorgeous picture!

Melissa33 said...

I'm in awe of how fast yours is stitching up. I'm hoping once I get to the bigger patches of solid colors I can make some significant progress on mine!

Valerie L. said...

St Nick in his Study!
I want to do it one day... I think it's the biggest Gustafson's one isn't it?
Nice start! You're working fast!

Carolyn NC said...

This really is gorgeous, Cindy!

Yvonne said...

This is one of my favourites! Your photography turns out well. Neat stitching and lovely colours!


Terri said...

Looks great Cindy