Sunday, February 22, 2009

Welcome HAED Friends!

This blog was created by Cindy F. and Wendy for HAED (Heaven and Earth Designs) stitchers all around the world to stitch-a-long, encourage, inspire, learn from one another and build friendships along our stitching journeys. No matter how small or large your HAED Design may be, we hope you'll join us in posting your progress and finishes. We have set a SAL (stitch-a-long) day for Thursday, but if that doesn't always work for you, we hope you'll stitch and post whenever possible and post your progress weekly. For those who haven't quite worked up the courage ;) to start an HAED project yet, we hope you'll enjoy watching ours progress and join us soon!! Let's encourage each other by commenting and cheering each other on. Advice and helpful hints also welcome:)

To join, please leave a comment on this post and we'll send an invitation (to the first 100). PLEASE NOTE: WE MUST HAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS TO SEND YOU AND INVITATION!!! YOU MAY EMAIL US @ or IF YOU DON'T WISH TO LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN THE COMMENTS. Please introduce yourself and tell us where you're from and what you're stitching:)
Let's have fun...enjoy our journey together!
p.s. This post is dated months ahead so it will remain at the top of our blog;)


Caroline said...

Hi Cindy,

I'd love to join in!!


Anonymous said...

I would love to be a member of your blog. I have finished 1 HAED, and currently am stitching Linda Tso's "Sunnia Golden Dragon". I have several others started too.


TejasPOWER said...

Great looking Blog LW!!!!
Who said you don't know your way around a computer!
Love it!

Love ya!

Vickie said...

I would like to join....I have 2 haeds going so I need all the support I can get!!!

Mich said...


OK, I make my decision and will do it ... I would like to join in also. Will be great to see each others progresses on these fine works !!


Elfie said...

I'd really love to join this group. I'm stitching my first HAED - Jolly Old Fellow. I'm currently working on page 3.

Melissa33 said...

I'm in too!!!! I'll need all the cheerleading I can get to finish this thing before I turn 104, lol.

5horizons said...

Hello everyone!
I'd love to join your blog. I have three HAEDs in my weekly rotation with "Caelia" by Fenech as the focus piece.

My email:

Iza from Poland

Lynn B said...

Hi Cindy and Wendy
Congratulations on the new blog, I have tried to leave a comment on Cindys blog to comment on this but my computer was playing up and it would not let me!
My progress is slow on my HAED at the moment but I would love to join.
Hugs Lynn B

Dragonflymystic said...

Would love to join your group. I am actually not doing any more rounds in exchanges and wanted to focus on some of my pieces :) so HAED Red Poppy - Here we come!

Dragonflymystic said...
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Suzie said...

Good Morning!
What a grand idea, and thank you Lynn for leading me to this group!

Does already having 7 patterns sitting here taunting me qualify for membership? I've got more on my wish list, so I had better live well into my hundreds, with good eyesight! lol

My introduction to HAED was at a LNS, when I was heady from hyperventilating, being reintroduced to all of the new patterns after a several year absence from the grander world of cross stitching.

My eyes fell upon "A Long Winter's Nap", and I snatched it up, eyes glazing over, and wondering "Can I do this?", well of course I can! And into the basket it went. Then in complete delirium, I added "Snowman".

On a later trip, I found two of Jane Wooster Scott's images made into patterns, so I had to have those, just for the whimsy fun of them. I bought "Sailing Through Life", and "A Real Snow Job".

I swore, no more HAED patterns until I at least get started on some of these. Well, that was before I saw the QS Iris pattern. My older daughter loves Iris, and this would be perfect in her home. I have actually gotten the fabric and floss for this one, because I'd like it to be a gift before she is 50 years old! (she is now 40) lol

As for my latest acquisitions, "Moon Goddess" and "Spririt of the Elements", which just came in the mail last week, I have explanation. I'm still trying to figure out how they got here. I have no recollection of ordering them, at all! lol (that's my story, and I'm sticking to it!)

So maybe with the inspiration and encouragement that I receive from everyone every time I read their wonderful blogs, I'll actually get started on these projects!

Everyone have a beautiful day!

Cindy F. said...

Suzie! Love your comment! Please send us your email address so we can send you an invite to join our group! We'd love to have you here:)

Sharon said...

I haven't quite conquered my fear of the HAED stitch counts yet, but I am definitely getting close. I've narrowed down my choice to two designs- as soon as the family budget allows, I think my resolve will weaken and I'll just go for it and order one. In the meantime, I'm going to love following your progress!!!

stitchenmylifeaway said...

Hi, I would love to join the Head SAL. I have been trying to start Christmas Journey. Have the design, threads and fab but just can't seem to put needle to fab.
I bought my first two on a visit to Nordic Needle last year. I'm not telling how many since the. LOL
I work full time in a big corporate office in Dallas, live with a very supportive DH and a shellbaby, have stitched 40+ years with not much to show. I vow to start this Thursday.


Maxine said...

Hi Cindy and Wendy :) Can you send me an invite to this you know Cindy I have got a couple of HAED's on the go and we all need the encouragement with these fabulous designs;)

Laura said...

I would love to join this blog also!! I am currently stitching Santa's List by Ruth Sanderson.

beth said...

Hi, Cindy and Wendy.
I'd love to join this blog. I have a few HAEDs started, but one of my goals is to finish Storykeeper (artwork by Selena Fenech) by the end of this year. I've been working on her for 3 years now- finished 14 pages, 6 to go.

stitchinfiend said...

Hi I would love to join in. I have completed 5 QS's and 1 full sized chart. I guess you could say I was addicted.

Leaf is my focus HAED piece at moment. I just started page 8 2 days ago

Yvonne said...

Thank you for creating this blog to join HAED stitchers from all over the world. I would like to be invited to your blog.

I am Yvonne from Denmark. I started on my first HAED (Katerina Koukiotis Angel of Spring) 1 year ago. I am currently stitching Sleeping Beauty by Katerina Koukiotis.

Thank you so much.


Diana said...

Hi I would love to join your blog.I am from Australia and I am a serial Haed starter.

~Rose said...

I'd love to be a part of the blog. I've finished two HAEDs - Lady of the Ginkos (Law) and Titania QS (Galbreth), and am working on several others! My main HAED piece right now is Galbreth's Gypsy, which I hope to finish this year.


Mel in Dubai said...

I would love to join - I have several HAED WIPs and have managed to finish two, third is almost done :)

Cindy F. said...


Mel & Yvonne, I was able to go to your blog and leave a comment requesting your email addresses.

Thank you for wanting to join us!
We are so excited to have you all!

Srinity said...

I'd love to join! :)

Lisa said...

Hi, I'd love to join if that's ok. I'm Lisas161 on the HAED BB so you'll know I'm a long term HAED stitcher. I have 2 finishes and 4 wips, although have only been working on one so far this year.

fudgey said...

is there room for me..??
i am currently stitching two haed models so prettymuch am stitching haeds every thursday and would love to join in..
I am Fudgey in cyberspace and Jeannie-maree IRL
the wips i have are Carley Cat and French Filigree and i also have a personal piece Butterfly Dream Fae

Anonymous said...

I would love to join too...I currently have 5 Haed Wips.

My email address is

Jackman73 said...

Hi I'm the Anonymous post above...just created my first would love to be included. Still in the process of getting my blog this should be fun.

RachelC said...


I would love to join in with you all and become a member of this group, it's a fab idea!

My email is:

I currently have a few HAEDs on the go and my focus piece is HAED Queen of Hearts by Rachel Anderson.

Thanks so much!

Rachel x

Rachel said...

Hi! I would love to join in on your blog!


Louanne said...

Me too, me too!!! I want to join!!! LOL!!! I have 5 HAEDs going at the moment. Well, not really going! You know how that is. I don't really do a rotation, I just stitch on whichever one screams at me the loudest. My wips are: Gobin Tree - Ravenscroft, Dark Cherry - Ching-Chou, Lil Blue Fairy Cat - Hawks, Curly Tailed Rosey - Rodrigue, and Bewitched - Koukiotis (this last one is in Vikki's silks).

Stephanie said...

Hello I would LOVE to join!


Bonnie said...

I am stitching Breast Cancer Fairy and need some motovation. Haven't picked her up in a while. I would love to join in.

maegwin4 said...

I recently started my first HAED and would love to join Dawn

Cindy F. said...

ATTN EVERYONE WHO HAS REQUESTED TO JOIN, BUT NOT RECEIVED AN INVITATION!!! I need your email address to send invitations to join the group. There are a few of you...Stephanie, Fudgey,,,and probably a few others:)
Also, if you don't see your name under the Stitcher's list, let us know;) Thanks for your help!

Joke said...

Please let me join, cindy, I love the idea. am stitching two HAEDS now, but want to join the SAL with the newly started Vibrant Vista.

Diana said...

Hi I would like to join your blog.I am Diana from Australia.My email address is

Patchesmany said...

I'd like to join, my email is

Andrea said...

I would also love to join. I currently have 13 haeds a couple of them are storykeeps and a couple are QS the rest are larger charts, I currently have 5 of them that are wips lol. Not sure how ill show up on here cuz i have wordpress but my name is Andrea.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy,

I am addicted to HAED patterns so subsequenly I have more than a few projects on the go lol...I'd love to join in if there is still room!


Anita H said...

Would love to join in, have been a BB member for many yrs, and love stitching HAEDs. Have finished Motherhood, and have tons of wips, mostly Ravenscroft, and could always find room for more!!


Terri said...

I'd love to join.
Mine is

Michiko said...

I would love to join.
I have 3 finishes and 2 WIPs.
Here is my email address.


Kyriaki said...

Hi, would love to join, most probably stitching largely on Dark Cherry.

I'm kyrieflutter on the BB :)

kyrieflutter AT gmail DOT com


Marie said...

Hello !

My name is Marie, I live in Alsace wich is in France. I would like to join because I love HAED. I love stitching but I also like watching other's works in progress.
My e-mail is :

Thank you !!

Marie said...

Hi again !

This is still Marie ! I just would like to tell you that I'm so glad that this group does exist and I would be so happy to join. I also wanted to tell what I'm working on. I love the art of Kinuko Craft, Ciro Marchetti, James Christensen and also Scott Gustaffson. I choose to stitch one from Kinuko Craft : Winter Angel. But I'm only at the beginning ( I haven't got finished the first page), but I would be pleased to send a picture of it. So, if you want, let me know how to do !!
Thank you !!!

Rachel said...

Just checking in again, I emailed my email address, but haven't heard anything back. Thanks.


Astrid said...

Hai I am Astrid (astridfalco) (BB)
I would love to join...
with the madonna Christensen. The Zodic from Machetti and Firefly of Ashwood....

Juls said...

I would love to join this SAL!!! I have 3 Haed's on the go but not very far along....Please send me an invite at . Thanks in advance!

jessneal said...

I would love to join! My name is Jessica, I live in Emmett, Idaho and I have been stitching on and off for the past 10 years. I am currently working on Lavender Moon by Jessica Galbrith. It's my first HAED and I have been wanting to start Motherhood by Selena Fenech. I can't wait to be a part of the group.

ladyhawke said...

Hi Cindy, I would love to join your blog. I have finished 1 HAED chart and have 6 more on the go.

my email address is


Mimosa said...

Hi Cindy and Wendy
I would love to join this wonderful blog. I have some HAED Wips. My blogspot has not post yet, because I just started. So I made link to my main blog and stitch album.
My email address is


Becca in MD said...

I would love to be included in the group for HAED SAL.

I'm currently stitching:
Dark Cherry QS
Storykeep Blossom
Stitching the Standard

I'm hoping that I'll actually be able to finish the little Cherry girl this year as planned.


rfrankhogren (at) yahoo (dot) com

Claire said...

Love to join too

Currently stitching on QS Black Cherry. Aiming to finish it too... after so many different starts and only one HAED finish under my belt... which was a Storykeep....

Claire X

Romantic Fool said...

I would love to join. I have previously completed Amore and Iriskeeper storykeeps. I am currently working on Dragon Knot and have Queen of Hearts kitted up!


Kim said...

I would love to join if poss. I have never stitched a haed but they are on my wish list!

Thanks, Kim

Vanessa said...

I am excited about this group. Please add me in :)
vanessa in Upstate NY

nkbabe said...

congratulations on such a great blog. Please could I join the fun. I am a serial starter with dreams of finishing one of these masterpieces soon.


Susan said...

What an inspiring idea! Is there room for one more? My goal is to finish the top row of pages on Vacher's "Sacred Hour" as well as finish the HAED freebie "Day Dreaming." Currently I am stitching JBG's "A Pale Comparison" and minutes ago I just bought my first Kinuko Y. Crafts chart. I'm certainly going to need some inspiration for that one!

My email address is

- Sue (Northern VA, USA)

Gaga said...

Send me an invite please.

I am doing Old World MAP and have another 6 in my to do list.


Debra said...

Hi my name is Debra Van Dorp
I would love to be part of this blog and SAL

Sabine said...

If there's still room, I'd love to join! I started my first HAED, QS Storykeeper, three days ago.

Maureen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Maureen said...

Can i join in please - currenlty working (albeit very slowly!) on Twilight Shimmer QS. My email

Bellatrix said...


I'm Ingrid from Finland, and I would love to join!
I'm going to start my first HAED - Ed Beard Jr. The Encouner soon as the fabric arrives. I hope it arrives soon - because I just can't wate to get started and I dream about it all the time!

Aussie Stitcher said...

This is looking great Cindy. Could you please send me an invite, my e-mail address is wright05 @ bigpond . net . au. No spaces of course :).

Cindy F. said...

Ingrid from Finland :)
We would love to have you join us, but we must have your email address to send you an invitation:)
Thank you:)

dianemi said...

I'd love to join and so glad I found this blog! St Nick in his Study and Peacock and Doves in a Garden could both use some stitching love! hugs, di

Lou's addictions said...

This looks like the perfect place to keep me motivated. I'm working on sister angels just now and its slow going.
my blog


Cynthia F said...

Hi Cindy,
I would really Love to join your group.I live in the Catskill Mountains in NY. I'm finishing up L&L's Secret Santa and I am thinking about stitching HAED's A Gift for Mrs Claus next.
My email is
Thankyou, Cindy F

~Kim~ said...

Hi I would was join your blog. Im currently stitching on Cabin in the Woods, and A Wintery Heirloom.
I was told about your blog from Vickie, so here I am. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Hello from Wales

My name is Sheila and having just starting stitching again after a long break have been lucky enough to be sent an invitation to join in on the HAED SAL. After looking at the HAED site there were so many designs I wanted to do and after chatting about this with my sister she bought me the chart I wanted as an early birthday present (Cats) - lucky me. After spending hours preparing my threads and gridding the fabric I raring to go.

I am pretty useless at blogging but am sure I will get better soon. I have just started stitching and will try and add a pic of my progress on here butI can't do it then you can take a look at my blog

Good luck to everyone - I look forward to reading your blogs and seeing your progress. If anyone else is stitching or has sttiched HAED Cats I'd love to hear from you http:\\

Anonymous said...

Hi, I would love to join - I have 2 finishes and 2 more starts (so far :) ).
Beth (BethCT on the board)
jacobsonbeth at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea to do this blog and so very encouraging! I took the time to read many of the entrees and admire all the work... and yes if there is room, I would love to join!
Sonya (aka Pethairxstitcher)

Autumn said...

If you have any more room, I'd love to join. I started my first HAED yesterday for the SAL.

Anonymous said...

I would like to join if there is room. I've been talking to Cindy trying to get my courage up. I've never worked on a HAED before. But I have picked out 5 designs I love. So now I just have to narrow it down to one and order everything. My name is Sherry and I'm from GA. My email address is Thank you.

Jan said...

Hi I want to join too! No finishes but 2 WIPs and lots of HAED patterns.

Jan (aka jeepkats)

TejasPOWER said...

Wow LW & Wendy, I can not believe how many people have signed up! SO many impressive designs out there!
This is one great Blog!

Nathan F. (Mr. Right hehehe). ;)

Leonie said...

I would love to join in. I started my first HAED........years ago, and have yet to complete a full one. I'm getting back into stitching after last year having an elbow injury. My email address is woodunn at adam dot com dot au

Kim said...

If there is still room, I'd like to play along too.

I'll send my email address to you.

Katie said...

I would love to join. I love working on HAEDs. I'm currently working on Lisa Victoria's Pirate Dragon. I would love to share with everyone's progress and share mine own as well. I have other HAED in WIP but I want to concentrate on Pirate Dragon until he's finished.

Anonymous said...


My name is Liesbeth 22 and from the Netherlands. I''m stitching on 2 head's at the moment. Fairy tales from selina fenech, that was a freebie-head. and oriental tiger, I've done only a few stitches. Maybe I'll start another HEAD for this blog's SAL.

My email:

Marjean said...

Hi, I was interested in joining your blog. I hope you still have room for me. I have only recently started stitching HAEDesigns. My first start is the Aurora freebie on your website. I thought I would get my feet wet with something small.
I am 40 years old from Baton Rouge, LA USA. I don't get as much stitching time as I would like but I do try to just plug along.
Thanks, sent you an email

Teipu said...

I would like to be a part of this beautiful community too!
My email is xx . teipu . xx (at) gmail . com (without the spaces ^^)

Teipu said...

Totally forgot to introduce myself!
My name is Anna and I'm 20-year-old japanology-student from Berlin.
I started stitching in 2007 and am currently working on my very first HAED design. I chose Fly Me To The Moon from Josephine Wall and I really love it!

kerbear said...

I would like to join when you have room! My email is

Currently working on Catch a Falling Star by Julie Fain :)

Monstermom said...

I would love to join!! I am currently working on two HAED - Wicked Tricksy and False is my first one - started on 14 count, and QS Reflections 2 is started on 18 count. My next HAED is going to be on 22 count - I'm slowly working down to 1 over 1 on 25 count. The next one I start will either be QS Pirate Dragon or Tiger Moth.

My name is Jodie, I'm a semi-SAHM to three kids, 2 dogs, one husband. My stitching is my sanity.

My email is:

val said...

I Discovered this blog yesterday and I would love to join. I stitch "A long Winter's Nap.
My name is Val, I leave in Belgium my email:

Anonymous said...

Hi My name is Rossen I love to cross stitch would like to enter in your blog