Monday, April 8, 2013

Admin Cleanup

Hello All,
    It's that time again!  We need to do some housework.  There are many members that haven't posted in a long time.  I know life gets in the way, I have my hands full with Admin here, on the BB, and on Face Book.  With so many requests to join, it's unfair to have an enormous list of buddies, while full posting members aren't posting.  With over 100 full members our blog should be very busy.  So the first step of the cleanup is this.  If you haven't posted in a while and are willing to give up your slot as a posting member to a more prolific stitcher, please email me and let me know, do not comment on this post, email me.  We'll see how many slots we can open this way.  I will, of course, let the buddies know that they may move into a full posting slot in the order in which I received their initial requests.  So first into the buddy list will be first into the full member list, and so on.  I'll let you all know where we stand in one week's time and if we need to take more steps in the clean up.
Thanks for your understanding.

BTW:  Buddies, when you email your post please be sure to add your name to the body of your email!  No one will know who posted what, if you don't.  Also include the title of the chart which you are posting.  Stats would be good as well.  Fabric type & count, floss type, silks, DMC, etc.

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