Sunday, August 26, 2012

QS Dragon Soul

QS Dragon Soul...almost finished ~ just need to put in the sparkle stitches !
This is the first HAED I bought and started but will be my 4th HAED finish this year !  
I stopped starting new pieces and promised myself I would reward myself with some
new charts but only if I finished a few first.  It has been hard to keep from buying or
starting new pieces but I am oh so happy I did. 
best wishes


Jessica Morros said...

nice finish! I have yet to find your will power to be able to stick to one project,let alone one medium. Cant wait to see it framed.

Lija said...

It looks good. Good luck on completing it. I know what you mean when you say how hard it is not to buy. And it's not only HAED. eBay is one of the best or worst inventions depends on the way one looks at it. At least buying charts to download doesn't take up space in the same way the kits do ... and everything adds on together to cost a great deal.

Claire said...

Well done she looks amazing.