Tuesday, August 7, 2012

haed friends blog - By Flo Gribouille: Face of fairy 90 FINISHED - WIP: Ballerina sisters

Hello it's Linotte posting for my friend Flo Gribouille:

"Here is my Face of faery 90 finished, I loved every second of it.
My new WIP is:
Ballerina sisters, on which I've started the 3th column. Much more a
challenge than the faery but I'm already happy with the result.
See you soon,
Flo Gribouille (France)"


Shelleen said...

Congrats on the beautiful finish and Ballerina looks great.

flo gribouille said...


cleemckenzie said...

Love the ballerina and the Faery!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the finish!

The new chart looks lovely. Totally different style, both wonderful. :)

Anonymous said...

Kim Hopkins

Congratulations on the finish. I love the Ballerina work

Anonymous said...

She's a true masterchief! ;-)

flo gribouille said...

thank you

The Maiden said...

I love the butterflies in FOF 90, great finish!