Thursday, February 16, 2012

HAED's Princess Izzy and SK Phuan as of 16th February 2012 by Gizzimomo

Hey Everyone,

First up is my Princess Izzy update! I have completed Page 4 but now Izzy is going away for a spell while I work on some of my other projects. Don't worry as she will be back in a few months I'm sure!

Page 3 Done (As of 15th February 2012)

Total Progress So Far
 Next up is my SK Phuan update. I have FINALLY finished Page 3 and have made the decision to finish Phuan at that point instead of stitching the final half a page. I struggled so badly with the last page as it really bored the hell out of me and as the final page is more of the same and I just can't bring myself to stitch it.... besides I actually prefer the look of the finished piece be finishing it here as his leg looks at little bit odd at the bottom on the cover photo so I'm glad to finish it here.

Page 3 Done

SK Phuan - Finished as of 16th February 2012

Keep an eye out...... Faerie Melody is making a comeback!!!!



sharine said...

Izzy is gorgeous! I can't wait to get to her.

flo gribouille said...

ce siamois est splendide bravo