Monday, February 27, 2012

Fw: Emailing: TT A Pale Comparison Becket-Griffith Feb27-12, SK Fragile-Mills, Yellow Butterfly-Middleton, SK Blue Moon -Ravencroft Feb 27th, SK Logan Hawk - Jan 2012

Here are my HAED patterns that I am currently working on ~ I visit here daily and love seeing everyones work.
At the end of January I celebrated my first Finish  SK Logan  with a New start :O)  TT Pale Comparison
best wishes
18ct  white    SK Logan Hawk - Jan 2012  My first HAED finish 
18ct  grey     TT A Pale Comparison Becket-Griffith Feb27-12  ~ Started February 1st 2012
18ct  white   SK Fragile-Mills ~ Feb 27-12   WIP
20ct  white   Yellow Butterfly-Middleton ~ Feb 27-12 WIP
18ct  grey     SK Blue Moon -Ravencroft Feb 27th -12  BB SAL

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demeter83 said...

So many beautiful charts, congrats!

Faerie said...

4 at one time! I am in awe lol all are looking great =)