Friday, December 3, 2010

Getting reading for 2011 - Fairy Sisters and Sweet Selena

I am getting ready for 2011's stitching and in anticipating have gotten two new HAED patterns to be alternates to my main stitching of Fairy Tales.

Here is where I am with the maiden of Fairy Tales so far - I was very bad.  This is more than a year's stitching:

And this is what she will look like - someday . . . hopefully. . .

And I just have to share the very pretty SWEET SELENA - I can't wait to start her!!  She has 90 colours and I am waiting for the first page's colours to be delivered before I can put the first stitches in.

And the Fairy Sisters is my last alternate.

These are the projects that I am going to concentrate on in 2011. What about you guys?
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Ali O'Donnell said...
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Ali O'Donnell said...

Very nice progress and choices!

Rincón del Punto de Cruz said...

It's coming along nice.
It is a good start.
I love "The Fairy Sisters"
Happy weekend.

demeter83 said...

Fairy Tales looks lovely, I've got het but havent plucked up the courage to start her yet!

Amanda said...

How many colors is Fairy Sisters? I've been looking for something with less than 30 colors.

Unknown said...

Hi Amanda - Fairy Sister has only 15 colours which is a bonus for me after the 90 colours of Selena :)
Chriz’s stitchy blog

grannie said...

Lovely choices and great work on Fairy Tales :-)