Friday, December 10, 2010

Dreaming On The Farm & Mermaid

Well I finally got around to finishing her face and i am now in the process of filling in the gaps of her hair, but most are one stitch so it is taking a while. I have also mislaid a colour i need so i am going to the shop just to buy another colour instead of hunting for it more.
I was hoping to finish four pages on her this year but it does not look likely, sorry for the bad photo, our camera is not that good.

I am also showing my other HAED that i am going to be focusing on next year ( i am going to try and get page 3/4 done on Mermmie first)

It is Dreaming On A Farm by Hannah Lynn, this is also stitched on 25ct using DMC Magic guide as i don't like gridding, she is also stitched 1x1, only put a week into her so far but i cant wait to get to the bright clours, hubby is not as keen on this one like he is the Mermaid, he says it is because of the ship but i think it may be something else lol


Ali O'Donnell said...

They are looking great!

Sabine S. said...

Congrats on finishing her face! I'm sure I know which part your husband is waiting for!!!!

Cait said...

The fabric has griding in it? How does the griddig come out?
I have been out of touch for a while I guess!!!
Need that fabric.......

grannie said...

Your mermaid is beautiful. And what a great start on your new project :-)