Tuesday, December 21, 2010

17º Paso

Well after some color changes, I managed to get this beautiful picture instead
gataigatai! The truth is that I would have liked to finish it for Christmas but circumstances have prevented me, so now I will finish with a little more quiet for the next yearpeacepeacepeace!
Every time I look more like it.rindurindurindu


Cait said...

I noticed that you are gridding and there is a faint grid showing through the white portion of the stitched area. What did you use to grid with? I use nylon fishing line in a bright yellow, but see that you have used a blue 'something'. Will you have a problem in getting the blue out? Thanks,

threadbear said...

The blues are beautiful! Great job :-)

Gizzimomo said...

It's totally beautiful, the more you do the better it's looking!

Faerie said...

Looking amazing!! Can't wait to see more of his face.