Thursday, April 1, 2010

Joanne's Wizard of Oz Update

I haven't stitched much over the past couple of months, although I enjoy stitching this design I lost my 'stitchy bug' and I'm only just getting it back. My laptop has also been in for repair and I couldn't contact Caroline. I've also been studying hard for an exam in June and the coursework has now been handed in so lots more stitching time available. I've stitched over the past day or so on the blue area on the right.
Thank you.

4 comments: said...

It looks fantastic and I look forward to see more! And much success with the study for the exam in June!

Unknown said...

Real life can really get in the way of our stitching sometimes. Glad you're back and this piece is looking great. Hope the exams go ok.

Sabine S. said...

Seems many of us have lost and found our stitching mojo lately. Glad you will have more time to stitch now and that you're enjoying the design.

Astrid said...

I think its because the winter is so long. We need summertime !!!!Lovely stitched.