Monday, April 26, 2010

april update

this is the picture of march..


and this is for april


full version of my gothic rose ...


hugs Marleen


Carolyn NC said...

Awesome progress!

MrsB said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

Jan said...

Wonderful stitching. Great progress.

Marie said...

You have made a great progress and the dark rose looks delicate.
The full version picture shows a beautiful and neat work !
The row is near to be finished, isn't it ?
Keep up your wonderful work !

Happy stitching !!

Rebecca said...

Wonderful stitching! Have a question for you. I see that you block your piece in 10 x 10 as so many people recommend. I've been told that when you do this and you get all done that you can tell where all your little squares are on the piece. Now, I don't see that on yours so what gives? Can you help me?

CathE said...

Looking wonderful.

Sabine S. said...

Wonderful progress! She is coming along nicely!

Astrid said...

Beautiful work, Is it a wasable gridding ???