Sunday, April 11, 2010

Aurora's Garden and Mermaid of the Deep SK

Since my last update, I spent the first week working on Aurora's Garden. I am nearing the completion of the first page...soon...

Before and after:

Then I went to the WIP drawer and ended up with Mermaid of the Deep (SK) in my hands. Now usually when I haven't seen a piece in a while, it feels like, "WOW! I did this? It's so pretty!" and I want to work on it because it's great and wonderful and all that. Well, not with this one. I looked at it and thought, "That's it? I worked so hard on this and this is what it looks like?" Since it was the week of the freebie SAL on the HAED BB, I worked on it, but put her back 2 days early because she just wasn't doing anything for me. I'm not that into the big eyes of JBGs and I HATE the 28 ct fabby!

Before and after:


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