Monday, March 10, 2014

Giraffe Silhouette by Annya Kai update 3/10/14

Been working a lot on one of my non HAEDs but the last two weeks have been busy with this one which is soooooo much fun too stitch, despite it being one of the most confetti full designs I have done. As a reminder, I am tent stitching 2 over 1 on 28ct Lugana white. Pages 1 - 4 (the whole first row) are completed.

This is what it should like like:
 This is how far I have gotten.
Page 3 was easy since it is about 1/3 of the tip of the nose in the lower right corner.  Page 4 was even easier since it is 4 columns with no stitching at all.  Despite some weird counting problems in one of the 10 x 10 squares which I never quite figured out but think I did an okay job of fixing or at least hiding,  I am pleased with how it is turning out.  I have several more Annya Kai designs in my stash and I have a feeling there will always be one in my WIP list.

Thanks for looking.


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