Thursday, November 28, 2013

New Full Member

Thanks for letting me become a full time member.  I am from the Canadian Prairies and only discovered HAED recently.
Since then I have become quite addicted to cross stitching again.  I have finished the following  SK Logan, TT Pale Comparison, SK Fragile, BB SAL 2012 Blue Moon and QS Dragon Soul.  best wishes janet

My current projects are
Wild Rose ( Prindle ) 22 ct

   QS Pysche's Butterflies ( Wall ) 18 ct

Snow Princess ( Anderson )28 ct Tent 2 x 1


efsun kaya said...

welcome, happy stiching

Lonneke said...

Welcome here.
You have beautiful projects on the go

florence said...

de beaux projets, j'ai fait la snow princess une vraie merveille, bonnes petites croix amitié française florence

Anonymous said...

What lovely projects you have! And nice progress on all of them. :) Looking forward to seeing your updates as you work on them.