Friday, November 22, 2013

Daisy Offerings Update Progress 11-22-2013

100_8972 - Daisy Offerings - Designer - HAED - Sandra Kuck - Progress 11-22-2013
Daisy Offerings
Designer - HAED - Sandra Kuck
Material - 18 Count White Charles Craft
DMC Threads 2 x 1 Full Cross Stitch
Progress 11-22-2013
I finished another column today on Page 3.  I decided to take my Q Snaps off and show you what I have accomplished since I have started stitching this.  I have to do One Column at a time, One Page at a time due to the fact that the very outer edge of this goes all the way around so I have to be real careful with my columns and make sure that I get my columns in the right rows so it will be oval shape by the time I get this completely finished.  I do One Column, One Page at a time.  I stitch a 10 x 10 block each day.  The very top of this is all Confetti Stitching so sometimes it takes me 2 days to do a 10 x 10 block due to the Confetti Stitching. 
I am almost done with Page 3.  I have one more full column to do and than a partial column to do.  Than I will start on Page 4. 
There are 36 Pages total to this pattern.  It is a picture of a girl up in the sky throwing Daisy's down on Earth.  It is a really neat picture.  I am stitching the background right now. 
Thanks for looking...enjoy....
Happy Stitching
Linda Klinedinst


Unknown said...

good luck for confetti

Lonneke said...

You are stitching a lot of background with this one and with a mothers kiss. Do you stitch them simultaneously or do you rotate?
Confetti stitching can really slow you down.
Great progress.