Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Hello everybody !

That is how I used to begin all my posts.
Before anything else, I always wrote “Hello” because the most and first important thing for me was to greet you all, my friends. And in purple because it’s my favorite color.

But it’s been a long, long time that I didn’t write any post.

I don’t know if you remember me. But I remember you.

My name is Marie, and I live in France.
I subscribed to this blog on its beginning and I can still feel the excitement and the deep emotion when I signed up.
I was working on Winter Angel from Kinuko Craft and I tried to show you my progress each week. I wrote my last post on October 2009.
And nothing anymore.

Little by little, life became harder and harder. Day after day, month after month and...year after year. Everything became so dark.
So much bad circumstances were so unbelievable that sometimes, even if I had to stay strong, I broke down.
But in this darkness, there was one light. Always in my mind, always in my soul.
Stitching. My Winter Angel.
I was not able to stitch. But even if my fingers didn’t touch the thread, I only had to close my eyes and I could smell the scent of the fabric, hear the melody of the scissors and see the symbols becoming magical crosses.
My thoughts were daily occupied with a wonderful and very strong dream : my Winter Angel framed and hanging on the wall.
She was my Light.

I was also thinking about this precious place, firmly settled in my heart. I was sad  to be unable to be here.
But I maintained the hope to come back and write posts again.

During several weeks, my husband and I lived in our car. I remember that each night when I couldn’t sleep, or just to make me smile, he told me about my stitching. Asking me what color I will choose for the frame ! I don’t know how many times he said to me “Believe me, you will stitch again”.

No, I was not always strong. And no, I could not always stop myself crying or feel lost.
But it’s in the darkness that you can see the stars, and for me, the star of the stitching was shining every dark day, and every night in my mind.
Stitching was my key to hold on, and to finally manage to climb the mountain.

This is a message of Hope, for everyone who lives difficult moments.
Never let your dream disappear, because it can truly save you.
This is a message of Gratefulness.
Thank you all to make this precious place live.

Beeing a part of this community is for me a honor.
Even if everything is not resolved, I am now safe and sound in a new and real home.
Time has come for me to rebuild myself and make my dream come true.

So, if you agree and if you forgive me for my so long silence, I will be more then enchanted to share with you the rest of my stitching journey.
On the following picture, you will see the last update of my work before I stopped stitching.
I took again my needle ten days ago, which was an incredible moment full of emotion...
And now, cross after cross, I am walking on the path of my dream...

 Stitched 2 over 1 on 25 count Dublin Linen

And to finish this long and endless post... I will write two words full of joy and meaning :

Happy Stitching !



Annie said...

Your post brought tears to my eyes! I am so sorry to hear about your hard times, but so glad that things are getting better for you. I hope they continue to improve until all your dreams come true!

Louanne said...

Me too, what Annie said above. Best of luck to you!

Miamina said...

Hello to you as well Marie!

Sadly I wasn't a part of this community in 2009 so I didn't have the pleasure of knowing you back then.

I'm sorry that you have experienced such hard times, I can't imagine how you must have felt and how easy it would have been to have given up hope. Thank you for sharing that with us and I hope that others who are experiencing hard times can find strength from your words.

I'm so happy to hear that things have turned a corner and that you are able to resume your stitching. I look forward to seeing your future updates.

Angie x

Lonneke said...

Tears in my eyes also.
And I remember you. And your Winter Angel. She's very beautiful.
Thank you for sharing your story.
And as I am going though some hard times right now and stitching seems so far away, your story gives me some hope.
I am happy that things are better for you now and I hope they keep on improving.
So welcome back!

Joke said...

Dear Marie, how could I not remember you? Your message touched me to tears. Thank you for being present here again, welcome back!
I hope we will enjoy your lovely messages and your updates on your Winter Angel from now on.

Anonymous said...

Happy Stitching! I hope many blessings will come your way now. :)

The Crafty Princess said...

Hi Marie
Thank you for sharing your heart wrenching story. I'm so thrilled that life is being good to you again. You deserve every happiness. Good on you sweetie for never losing faith in yourself.

Happy stitching to you as well.
xo Alicia

Astrid said...

Welcome back marie I missed you so much. Trouble in life is hard. I hope we will stich again together.

Becky said...

Your post was very beautiful and inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing. I am so happy you are stitching again!