Friday, June 7, 2013

As things are today

I have been out of stitching and blogging so long, I feel rusty!
But it starts to itch again. Due to health issues I haven't stitched for so long.
But now things are starting to settle a bit so I am now slowly picking things up again.
The last WIP I was stitching on was Mini Berry Branches. Here's a pic:
So happy to pick her up again!

.....maybe I will start a new one. You know, for the joy of stitching again! ;)

Happy stitching!


Anonymous said...

She looks lovely! Welcome back to stitching. :)

Annie said...

Glad you are back and able to stitch again!

Anonymous said...

so nice you are able to pick up your project again ...she is so pretty.

best wishes

Marie said...

Lonneke ! I am so glad to see you back too !

Thank you for your comment on my post, it's such a great pleasure to meet you again here, in this warm and wonderful place !

Your work looks so neat, it's already a fabulous job with beautiful colors !
I am so happy to read that you are back to stitching !

I hope to see you soon here again,

Big Hugs !

demeter83 said...

I'm not sure I've seen anyone working no this before. She's looking gorgeous. Hope your mojo returns soon!

Cross Stitch Crazy Mum said...

very cute!